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00:10 – About Us

00:45 – Why we created Good Day Agents

03:05 – You’re One Referral Away

04:45 – What’s in this video

05:23 – How referrals happen and why you are worth more

10:18 – Switching your license with TREC

11:38 – How to cancel

12:40 – How much you can earn at Good Day

17:43 – Wrapping things up

18:15 – What would this mean to you?

19:05 – Costs

20:25 – You’re One Referral Away

Attention: Realtors®, Real Estate Agents, Active Agents, and Inactive Agents…

We’ve Uncovered A ‘Secret In Real Estate Brokerage’

That Almost Nobody Knows About…

That has the ability to earn you extra income without the expensive costs of Realtor® Dues and traditional broker fees.

I’ve got a quick question for you.

Would you like to take your family on vacation this year?

Maybe you have your eye on a new car, a watch, or perhaps you’d like to give your home a little makeover?

Or, do you have some debt or medical bills that are so close to being paid off?

All of that is within reach. It’s right there, but why hasn’t it happened yet? Why is that trip not booked?!?!

Common, admit it….it happened again.

Someone you know sold their house, used a random agent, and you missed the referral commission!

I’ve been there. It happens every year, multiple times a year, without fail.

Keep reading, and I’ll explain how easy it is to make sure it does not happen again.

You’re One Referral Away.

My name is Nathan, and I’ve been in this exact situation, just like you.

We just got to our neighbor’s Super Bowl party. You could hear a mixture of conversations coming from the kitchen.

My ears start to tune into one conversation in particular.


“Did you hear? Samantha and Don are moving to Colorado.” “Yeah, their house is already under contract!”


Stop! I think to myself…Samantha and Don? The Samantha and Don that lives down the street? That know me!?

“%$@&#” (In my head).

An instant knot in my stomach. The thoughts of an extra couple grand and what I “COULD” have done with that money race through my head.

You see, I had set my license as inactive a few years prior. Meaning I couldn’t earn a referral fee or commission.

Well, I guess I could settle for a $50 gift card…

Then, it hit me.

I should hang my license somewhere. That way, I never miss one of these opportunities again.

“I can let people know that I can help find them the best agent in town! After all, I know the business and know a ton of really great agents!”

So, I set out to find a Broker.


That’s when I instantly hit a wall.


To sign up with a broker, I needed to be a member of the board of Realtors. If the broker is a member, you see, you have to be a member.

“Okay, maybe I’ll try an apartment locator broker, I thought?”

The brokers: “We really want (need) you to be a producing agent.” “Sure, but your split is 50/50, and the cap resets each month.”

So my options were…

  • Shell out $1200 for the board
  • Go through a broker onboarding class
  • Pay a desk/tech fee
  • And get hit with a split every time I did a referral deal.

All said and done, and I was looking at an almost $ZERO return on my investment.

Back to the drawing board…

The next day I reached out to my good friend, Dathon…Yes, Dathon and Nathan…we heard it 😉

Dathon is a broker, a great broker. He’s been in business a long time and understands the value of a referral (That’s IMPORTANT “the value of a referral” …more on that later).

We sat down and started coming up with a solution, reading all the laws, the fine print, and making a strategy to help people just like you and me.

For years we had known that if your broker was a member of the board, you had to be a member of the board.

And then we found it!

The Secret

What if we created an LFRO or a Limited Functioning Referral Office? A brokerage where you’re only allowed to send referrals and there are NO Board Dues for our agents.


Good Day Agents was born.




Next Problem:

“Okay, how do we make sure the cost is worth it to the agent?” “How can we make sure that the first check an agent receives is a MASSIVE profit to them, we asked?”

Savings #1
Well, there are no Board dues because our LFRO is not a member.

Savings #2
No need for desk fees.

Savings #3
We’ll carry the E&O policy. (PSSSST….Little known secret, most traditional brokers make a nice chunk of money on those E&O fees for every transaction.)

Savings #4
No need for a tech fee…We already have the technology for the backend stuff.

“Okay, Okay…we obviously need to charge something.” “How are we going to keep the doors open?” “Should there be a broker split?”

Remember when I said that Dathon understood the “value of a referral?”

This is where the magic comes in. And my free gift to you!

Agents pay their broker and internet lead companies 40%, 50%, 60%…I’ve even heard of some teams TAKING 65% and 70%!!!!

But when it comes to the best type of lead you can receive—a referral from another agent. We found that most agents would cut themselves short.

They’d accept 15% – 25%.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I have never understood this.

Reread how much someone will pay for a cold lead. Then think about how much agents settle for when it comes to a warm, ready-to-go, happy to meetcha referral.

That’s when we set out to find seasoned agents who also understand the value of a referral and are willing to take a similar split as a cold lead.

Enter Good Day Referrals. Our exclusive network of professional, seasoned agents that understand the value of your referrals, friends, and family.

So the free gift is, don’t settle for anything less than 40% for a referral. Ask the agent how much they have paid for a cold lead.

You Are Worth More!

At Good Day, you have the option of sending a referral to any agent you’d like. Or, you can use our referral network, the receiving agent keeps 50%, you receive 40%, and Good Day Agents keeps 10%.

If you choose to refer to an agent you know, we only charge a $295 transaction fee. So make sure you get what you are worth!!!

FYI: There’s no transaction fee when you use our network!

“Are there any other costs?”

We wanted to make the cost so low at Good Day that you could hang your license and not do a single referral for a FIVE YEARS and still make a profit!

Currently, our average referral is a little more than $300,000.00.

That comes out to a $3600.00 referral check for you.

Hanging your license at Good Day costs $24.95 per month, or pay annually $249.50 and save two months.

$24.95 x 12 x 5 (years) = $1,497.00
So on the final day of your fifth year at Good Day you make $2,103.00.

My crystal ball broke last year…But something tells me the average home price won’t be $300,000.00 in five years 😉

You get the point.


If all hanging your license at Good Day meant taking the family on vacation this year, would it be worth it?

If all it did was help you pay off that debt, would it be worth it?

Here’s our guarantee!

You can cancel at any time. And you don’t even have to talk to us to do it.

We hate when companies make it hard to cancel. So, we figured we would tell you how to cancel before you sign up.

1. Login to your agent dashboard
2. Click on “Subscriptions”
3. Click the “View” button next to your subscription
4. Click “Cancel”

Seriously, we won’t make you tell us to our face or have to send us an awkward email. You log in to your Good Day account and cancel right there on your dashboard.

No hard feelings if you want to get back in the game full time or if you find a better opportunity.

Activate your license FREE for 14 days by choosing one of the options below. You can cancel any time if you’d like to make your license inactive or change brokers.


2 Months FREE
$249.95 Annually


$24.95 a month
Cancel Any Time

PS: When you make your first $300,000.00 referral this year, you’ll put more than $3000.00 in your pocket.
We are putting it out there for a bigger deal than that for you!
PPS: Switching your license now will save you $1200.00 over the next year in Board Dues!

To sign up, click one of the “Yes, Activate My License Now!” buttons anywhere on this page, and you’ll be taken to a secure order form. After you put in your credit card information, you’ll be taken to our broker agreement and given instructions on making your license active with the real estate commission. If it’s 2:00 am, we’ll make your license active with our first cup of coffee in the morning!

Once you’re signed up and active, you can immediately access your dashboard, referral forms and start telling your friends and family about your new business!


  • It’s $24.95 a month or $249.50 annually
  • No board dues (that’s upwards of a $1200.00 savings!)
  • No E&O fees
  • No desk fees
  • 100% commission when you use Good Day Referrals
  • Only $295 fee when you source a referral agent (100% commission after the $295 processing fee)
  • And you can cancel at any time.

You’re One Referral Away.

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